Extreme Sisters

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Extreme Sisters

Patrix has a surprising announcement. Anna and Lucy learn Ben's true feelings. Briana and Brittany parent their quaternary twins. Christina and Jessica define their sisterhood.

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Season 1
Brooke goes into labor, and Baylee struggles with not being in the hospital room. Anna and Lucy get stood up. Brittany and Briana confront their biggest fear.
Anna and Lucy visit their older sister. Baylee decides she's Brooke's birth coach. Patrica gives Patrix some tough love. Brittany and Briana get creative about privacy.
Anna and Lucy commit to getting pregnant naturally. Brooke inserts herself into Baylee's relationship. Jessica makes an effort to get along with Christina's boyfriend.
Jessica hits rock bottom with her sister, Christina. Anna and Lucy get some bad news. Ron finds Patrix a date. Brittany and Briana learn the gender of Briana's baby.
Christina tries to mend her relationship with Jessica before she drops some big news. Ron puts his plan to get Patrix's mind off Orlando into action.
Jessica is extremely unhappy when her sister starts dating a new guy. Brooke and Baylee struggle with Denver's ultimatum. Anna and Lucy take a step in their relationship with Ben.
Twins Anna and Lucy strive to live their lives identically. Patrix and Patrica revisit a sisters-only plan. Baylee and Brooke's sleeping arrangement is straining Brooke's marriage