July 2016

S1 Ep4 - Singapore

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Singapore - Host Julian Davison explores one of Asia's most modern cities, Singapore. In the last half century this small island state, situated in the heart of the tropics close to the equator, has transformed itself into a well organised, vibrant, business and banking hub servicing the Asian region. (From the UK) (Docume...

S1 Ep3 - Los Angeles

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Los Angeles – In this episode, hosted by passionate architect and design expert Charlie Luxton, Metropolis Los Angeles charts the rise of a city founded on oil, and one which grew to become one of the richest and most famous in the world. (Documentary Series) (Part 3 of 6) (From the UK, in English) (Rpt) G CC

S1 Ep1 - Bali

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Bali - Hosted by passionate architecture and design expert Charlie Luxton, this episode features contributions from dynamic local designers and architects, including the King of Ubud’s son, Prince Jokorda Jed Rak Sukawati; the brain-child behind the opulent Royal Pita Maha Hotel. (Documentary Series) (From UK, in English) ...