One Plus One


Season 2017, Episode 34 (Julian Burnside)

3.0 2 x
This week Jane Hutcheon sits down with prominent barrister and human rights champion Julian Burnside, whose keen sense of justice was formed in childhood. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 33 (Reg Livermore)

4.0 4 x
Reg Livermore is a veteran performer who has entertained theatre and television audiences for more than six decades. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 32 (Julian Punch)

3.0 7 x
Julian Punch is a former Catholic priest whose tireless battle for social justice and gay rights saw him branded as a renegade. He quit the church after realising he couldn't be a priest and an outspoken gay man. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 31 (Marcia Hines)

3.0 5 x
Marcia Hines is one of Australia's most-loved singers, whose career took off at 16 with the musical Hair. Almost five decades later, she reflects on the professional triumphs & personal tragedies that have shaped her life.

Season 2017, Episode 30 (Dava Sobel)

4.5 6 x
Dava Sobel is an American author whose books unravel great mysteries of space and time. Recently she's revealed the little-known story of a group of women in the development of modern astronomy. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 29 (Rhiannon Giddens)

4.0 5 x
Rhiannon Giddens is a U.S. Grammy Award-winning singer and instrumentalist whose made race and history the basenotes of her repertoire. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 28 (Jane Goodall)

4.0 16 x
Jane Goodall is a primatologist & environmental activist, whose trailblazing work with chimpanzees has helped reshape our understanding of animal & human behaviour. #OnePlusOne

Season 2, Episode 16 (Nevo Zisin)

4.0 10 x
Nevo Zisin is a transgender activist who at seventeen began the physical and hormonal transition from female to male. Now aged twenty one, he questions the meaning of gender in our society. #OnePlusOne

Season 2017, Episode 27 (Al Gore)

3.0 4 x
Former US Vice President Al Gore reflects on the global climate crisis, his failed bid to become president, and the near-tragedy that almost cost the life of his son. #OnePlusOne

Season 2, Episode 15 (Chido Govera)

4.0 6 x
Chido Govera grew up in poverty in rural Zimbabwe. Now in her early thirties, Chido has helped hundreds of communities around the world transform their lives through mushroom farming. #OnePlusOne