Outback Truckers

July 2020

Episode 13

3.0 93 x
In the face of a global pandemic Steve Grahame takes on the deserted roads of Northern Territory. Glenn’s giant load gets squeezed by tight bridges, Mike hunts for wrecked gold in Western Australia

Episode 12

4.3 111 x
Steve Grahame confronts pandemic checkpoints. Sludge in his fuel run across Western Australia encounters a ghost town and car salvage truckers, Michael and Bozza, race to find outback treasures.

Episode 11

4.0 68 x
Steve Grahame is racing to beat a border shutdown, Ricki Sutcliffe’s timber delivery deadline grinds to a halt and Jacob Marshall dices with bush fires to deliver hay to desperate farmers.

Episode 10

4.0 82 x
Justin Harrison is going downhill fast when his gearbox fails, cows play chicken with Sonny Forrest’s monster road train and for Mike Partridge’s load of vintage tractors a roadblock on a blind bend.

Episode 9

4.0 39 x
Sludge races to beat a cyclone. After Australia’s worst bushfires on record Army trucker Matt is on a mercy mission and for Mike Partridge getting 8 vintage tractors 4000 kilometres is a nightmare.
June 2020

Episode 8

2.5 69 x
A truck killing river crossing traps the water drillers, cattle truckers David and Kylie Hornick battle a blown engine and vintage tractor trucker Mike Partridge makes a crucial wrong turn.

Episode 7

2.0 43 x
Anthony and Danyelle Haigh, tackle a dangerous river crossing, Slick risks a mammoth desert run as he races home for Christmas and rookie trucker, Kylie Hornick, faces a life or death decision.

Episode 6

4.0 52 x
Anthony and Danyelle Haigh enlist a new team member, Slick’s race home for Christmas is slipping out of reach and cattle trucker Kylie Hornick has her first crack at driving a triple road train.

Episode 5

3.0 69 x
Steve Grahame has tasked Outback Trucker Slick with one last battle with the desert, all before Christmas. Also, Chaz Butt’s drought-busting mercy mission springs a leak.
May 2020

Episode 4

4.0 52 x
As Scott Conohan begins his shift, the long arm of the law strikes. Outback house mover, Robbie McKay, gets rocking and rolling, and Mark Pett faces oncoming traffic.