Secret Nazi Bases

Secret Nazi Bases catch up

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 8 - Himmler's Occult Castle

Expired 4.0 6 x
What shadowy plans were taking shape inside an SS castle? In 1933, as the Nazi party was on the rise, Heinrich Himmler signed a 100-year lease for the decaying 17th century Wewelsburg castle in Buren, Germany. He crafted the space into a clandestine training space for the SS. Specifically, it was intended to be a school fo...

Season 2, Episode 7 - The Future Of Evil

Expired 3.0 1 x
Experts reveal the secrets of a Nazi faux medieval castle and dark experiments in a remote forest. The Nazis were hell bent on recreating the world according to their twisted view of perfection. This applied to the human realm as well as nature. Two such massive projects give way to this evil plot.

Season 2, Episode 6 - Secrets Of Hitler's Castle

Expired 4.0 7 x
What were the Nazis hiding under a completely overhauled Renaissance castle? When the Nazis took Ksiaz Castle, they didn't do it for the view. What began with an eviction became a massive renovation. Slave labourers toiled under brutal conditions, at the behest of Nazi engineers.

Season 2, Episode 5 - Fuelling Evil

Expired 4.0 5 x
What structure struck such fear in the Allies that they bombed it nine times over? Outside the town of Politz lie the ruins of what was once one of Germany's most important assets - a place that kept the Luftwaffe in the air, U-boats patrolling the coasts, and the German war machine moving. At its height, Hydrierwerke Poli...

Season 2, Episode 4 - The Secrets Of Nazi Future Tech

Expired 4.0 16 x
Hidden in a remote mountainous forest lies a structure with no duplicate anywhere else in the world. Nicknamed the Fly Trap or Hitler's Stonehenge, till this day researchers have no definitive idea what it is. A test pad for early helicopters? A water-cooling tower for Atomic weapons? Rumours even lurk about a strange anti...

Season 2, Episode 3 - Hitler's Secret Underground City

Expired 3.0 13 x
Deep in the Owl Mountains of Poland lies a forgotten Nazi complex, the purpose of which largely remains a mystery. Built between 1943 and 1945, some sources suggest the massive, underground complex could have sheltered up to 27,244 people from Allied bombs!

Season 2, Episode 2 - Lurking In The Shadows

Expired 4.0 15 x
History books may claim WWII began in 1939, but Germany's preparations for the war began years earlier. Long before the first shot was fired, Hitler began a slow build up in the East. Under the guise of waterway projects - dams and drawbridges - Germany began work on what would become their most technologically advanced fr...

Season 2, Episode 1 - The Sum Of All Fears

Expired 4.0 4 x
Experts reveal hidden secrets behind the Nazis super weapons program. What evil yet boundary pushing technology took shape in these walls? Though the Nazis were barbaric, they counted among their number a brain trust that would usher in the modern era of rocketry.

S1 Ep6

Expired 3.0 9 x
As the Red Army approaches a forest in Poland at the end of the war, they stumble upon a massive complex containing over a thousand structures across 25 sqkm. The Germans have fled 5 days earlier, taking or destroying as much documentation and equipment as they can. As the Soviets investigate the tunnels and bunkers, curio...

S1 Ep5

Expired 4.0 6 x
In the heart of Austria, a bunker and network of tunnels was discovered based on a long lost 1944 German report that indicated what the Nazis were up to. The government says the radiation in the hills is natural, but a team of experts say differently.