Swamp People

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S3 E1 - Swamp Invaders

4.5 34 x
After a hurricane tears through the bayou on opening day of Alligator Season delaying hunting for five critical days, the swampers turn to family to help make up for lost time.
Episodes 2019

S3 E22 - Endgame

4.0 31 x
As the last day of the month-long alligator season dawns, the moment of truth arrives. Today is about one thing: tagging out before the season ends at sundown.

S3 E5 - Avenged

3.0 23 x
As the end of week one comes to an end, hunters are faced with new challenges. Troy makes a shocking discovery; a monster gator is feeding dangerously close to his home.

22. Gator Recon

Expired 3.0 44 x
While making their final 24 hours of preparations for alligator season, hunters take a look back, remembering the struggles, the joys and the dangers they've faced over the years fishing alligators.

23. Lethal Encounters

Expired 4.0 26 x
Over the years, alligator hunters in the swamps of Southern Louisiana have risked both life and limb to fill their tags. There are a select few encounters that stand out from the rest.

21. Ten Deadliest Hunts

Expired 4.0 10 x
Over the years, swampers of Louisiana have risked life and limb fighting thousands of monster alligators. These are the top 10 deadliest hunts of Swamp People.

16. Beasts Or Bust

Expired 4.0 21 x
Swampers are forced to hunt problematic areas to bring in high dollar gators. One team risks their lives hunting in an electrical storm to land some monsters.

17 May 2019 - Episode 15

Expired 4.0 16 x
Swampers lose focus when they passionately go after individual predators. One hunter is determined to break a streak of small catches by going after a crafty bull gator.

10. Rumble In The Swamp

Expired 4.0 10 x
Swampers take on big risks in trying to fill some high-priced tags. One family must maintain an eight-foot average in order to fill some expensive tags.

9. Hexed

Expired 3.0 27 x
Mysterious forces blanket the swamp pushing hunters to their limits. One hunter risks his life by venturing into a cursed area.