Swamp People


S3 E10 - Gates Of Hell

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It's the halfway point of the month-long alligator season, and it's time to rally. Boat traffic is spoiling one of Troy's go-to hunting grounds, so they head to the legendary 'Gates of Hell'.
Episodes 2018

23. Lethal Encounters

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Over the years, alligator hunters in the swamps of Southern Louisiana have risked both life and limb to fill their tags. There are a select few encounters that stand out from the rest.

24. Swamp Christmas

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It's Christmas time, and across the bayou, swampers are preparing for the holidays season. They're hunting for traditional delicacies strait from their backyards and cooking up a storm-Swamp Style.

21. Ten Deadliest Hunts

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Over the years, swampers of Louisiana have risked life and limb fighting thousands of monster alligators. These are the top 10 deadliest hunts of Swamp People.

22. Gator Recon

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While making their final 24 hours of preparations for alligator season, hunters take a look back, remembering the struggles, the joys and the dangers they've faced over the years fishing alligators.

18. Unbreakable Bonds

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A hunting team gets support from family when their boys unexpectedly show up to help them tag out. Another hunter gets some help from his son on a hunt deep in the woods on ATV.

19. Metalhead

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Determined to take care of some unfinished business, one team returns to a remote hunting spot in hopes of tagging out and redeeming their disastrous start to their season.

16. Beasts Or Bust

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Swampers are forced to hunt problematic areas to bring in high dollar gators. One team risks their lives hunting in an electrical storm to land some monsters.

17. Captain Invincible

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Deckhands come to the rescue when their captains falter. One hunter is unexpectedly placed in the captain's seat, while another team must make it through the day when their skipper suffers an injury.

13. Outer Limits

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Swampers push into the outer limits of their territories to fill tags. One team hangs maggot-ridden bait on his property line to coax neighboring gators to his lines.