The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

December 2017

Episode 2 (Ciao, Tuscany!)

3.0 5 x
Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle zoom through the tranquil Italian countryside in a Ferrari, then family problems come up; Yolanda takes drastic measures to improve her health, and Eileen and Lisa Rinna are stunned by her condition.

Episode 1 (Life's a Pitch)

4.0 27 x
Lisa Vanderpump is tapped to throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium; Kyle buys $75,000 sunglasses for her store; Kyle copes with her sister, Kim, who is in rehabilitation; Yolanda shows up for Lisa Rinna's birthday dinner.
May 2017

Episode 23 (Secrets Revealed)

3.0 67 x
Never-before-seen moments; Eileen primps for the Emmy Awards; Kyle's daughter, Portia, decides to pursue an acting career; the women delve into Yolanda's past; Kim confronts Lisa Rinna about the threatening text messages she sent.
April 2017

Episode 22 (Reunion (Part 3))

3.5 38 x
The reunion concludes with plenty more drama and a little bit of humor. While the women can laugh about who has the dirtiest mouth, things turn sour when Kim reveals threatening texts Lisa Rinna sent her after Adrienne's party.

Episode 21 (Reunion (Part 2))

3.0 23 x
The housewives relive good times and air their grievances; Eileen discusses how Brandi went from being a fan to a wine-tossing foe; Kim hints she has something to reveal about Lisa Rinna's husband; Kim and Kyle vacillate between anger and tears.

Episode 20 (Reunion (Part 1))

4.0 49 x
Yolanda reveals the difficulties she faces with Lyme disease; Kim declares she takes more pride in the roles she chooses than Lisa Rinna; Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi get into an argument; Yolanda defends her daughter against Brandi's comments.

Episode 19 (The Party's Over)

3.0 49 x
The women attend an over-the-top party thrown by friend Adrienne Maloof; Lisa Vanderpump confronts Brandi about the slap delivered in Amsterdam; Kyle gets angry with Lisa Rinna for not corroborating that Brandi is worried about Kim's sobriety.
March 2017

Ep 18 Confessions of a Housewife

4.0 36 x
Lisa Vanderpump refuses to accept Brandi's apology; the women return home after a final dinner in Amsterdam; Brandi gets bad news about her father's health; Kyle angrily reveals to Kim what Brandi has been saying behind her back

Ep 17 Amster-Damn Slap

4.0 41 x
The women split into two groups to explore Amsterdam; Eileen confronts Lisa Rinna about her lack of support; all of the unresolved issues come to a head while the women are at dinner on a riverboat; Brandi playfully slaps Lisa Vanderpump.

Ep 16 Amster-Damn!

3.0 36 x
In Amsterdam, Kim and Lisa Rinna continue to aggravate each other, culminating in an explosive dinner that causes Kyle to flee the scene; the women enjoy the local space cakes, but the fun sours when Brandi blows up at Kyle.