The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

May 2018

Episode 24 (Secrets Revealed)

3.0 82 x
Never-before-seen moments from season six; Erika's latest video is unveiled; Eileen's "inner Erika" comes out during a shopping trip; Lisa Rinna comes clean about using a strap-on; Kyle expresses frustration over Portia's spending spree.

Episode 23 (Reunion (Part 3))

3.0 55 x
The women relive the fun and drama from their trip to Dubai; while the others say nice things about each other, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Venderpump remain at an impasse; via video, Brandi Glanville voices her opinions about season six.

Episode 22 (Reunion (Part 2))

4.0 38 x
Yolanda takes her friends to task for questioning her health issues; wounds are reopened when Kyle's sister, Kim Richards, returns to talk about her difficult year; Eileen confronts Lisa Vanderpump, causing her to break down in tears.
April 2018

Episode 21 (Reunion (Part 1))

3.0 52 x
The reunion provides fun insights into Erika; Kyle defends her friend, Faye Resnick, in connection with the O.J. Simpson trial; Yolanda opens up about her pending divorce; a conversation about Yolanda's health leads to a surprising moment.

Episode 20 (Who Do You Believe)

3.0 43 x
The women head to a party at Kyle's desert home; tensions arise when Lisa Rinna comes face to face with Kyle's sister, Kim; the women react to the news of Yolanda's divorce; Yolanda talks openly to Erika about the end of her marriage.

Episode 19 (Goodbye, Dubai)

4.0 33 x
In Dubai, the women go shopping at an over-the-top mall; Lisa Vanderpump attempts to apologize to Eileen while on the top of the world's tallest building; Erika gives Kathryn a birthday makeover; the women dine on an extravagant yacht.

Episode 18 (Dubai Daze)

4.0 35 x
The women explore the city of Dubai, driving through sand dunes, shopping at a souk market and experiencing an Arabian Nights-style dinner, which includes meat from unlikely animals.

Episode 17 (Lymes In The Sand)

3.0 38 x
Yolanda receives a Lyme-disease awareness award, erasing Kyle's doubts about her illness; the women travel to Dubai, where they attempt to dress modestly and avoid cursing; Lisa Rinna expresses doubts about Yolanda.
March 2018

Episode 16 (Hearing is Believing)

3.0 31 x
The women support Camille's charity by shopping for diamonds; Lisa Vanderpump rallies her friends for a march; Lisa Rinna admits to having trust issues; some of the women head to NY in Erika's private jet for Yolanda's Lyme disease gala.

Episode 15 (Objection, Your Honour)

3.0 36 x
Erika throws a dinner party to introduce her husband; Kathryn receives positive news during a hearing test; the women get their hands dirty while doing charity work; Lisa Rinna shocks Eileen by revealing her thoughts about the others.