All Creatures Great And Small

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Season 3
James has to make a difficult choice that could lose him his job or put Heston Grange on the line. Tristan tries to take control of his future but goes about it all the wrong way.
Mrs Hall leaves Skeldale House for the day, leaving Siegfried and Tristan in charge of the house. Jenny makes an important decision without Helen for the first time.
James is given a last chance by the Ministry of Agriculture. Helen is keen to help but realises that there is a much bigger problem at play.
Siegfried receives some news and channels his feelings into saving a young racehorse. James struggles to get farmers to agree to his newly adopted TB testing scheme.
It's all change at Skeldale House. Siegfried and James lock horns over the running of the practice while Tristan learns a valuable lesson about taking responsibility through helping a dog in an emergency.
An untimely reminder from Siegfried about the responsibilities of his profession puts James in an impossible situation on his wedding day. A mishap with a dog teaches Siegfried that Tristan isn't the only one making mistakes.
Season 2
James' parents come to visit him in Darrowby and it's time for him to make a big decision about his future there. Tristan's next steps are informed by a chance meeting with an unexpected outsider. (Final)
James has to settle old scores both on and off the playing field when a familiar face returns to Darrowby, while Tristan and Siegfried must acknowledge their differences.
It's a very important day for Tristan, but a painful secret threatens to ruin celebrations - and James' efforts to protect Helen from his own problems only makes things worse.
The fate of a struggling young widow causes difficulties for James and Helen's burgeoning romance. Meanwhile, Siegfried's latest scheme to whip Tristan into shape, and a visit from Tricki Woo causes chaos in Skeldale House.
Siegfried puts a client in his place and Tristan provides James with an opportunity to tell Helen how he feels at the local spring dance.
It's spring time in the Dales. James returns to Darrowby with an impossible decision to make and Helen on his mind, while Tristan must figure out whether the truth is always the best option.
It's Christmas Eve and the day before Helen and Hugh's wedding. James is trying to bury his pain over Helen and has invited his new girlfriend to the annual Skeldale Christmas party. But things don't quite go to plan...
Season 1
The Dales are in the grip of a bitter winter. Siegfried has flu and James's workload has doubled. While James is called out to save pedigree cow Strawberry, back at Skeldale, Mrs Hall plans a surprise birthday party. (Final)
It's the Darrowby Show and James is pleased that he's been given the honour of Attending Vet. But Siegfried and Tristan know the job is a poisoned chalice and reckon James won't last the day without throwing in the towel.
James is alarmed to receive a call from Mrs Pumphrey who fears her beloved Tricki Woo is dying. Back at Skeldale Tristan prepares to return to Edinburgh University and asks Siegfried to write a cheque for board and lodgings.
Siegfried is interviewing for the job of Attending Vet at Darrowby Racecourse, meanwhile James faces the toughest challenge of his career when he diagnoses Hugh Hulton's pedigree horse with a torsion of the bowel.
Just when James is settling into life in the Dales, Siegfried's younger brother Tristan arrives bringing his own unique brand of chaos. James also visits wealthy widow Mrs Pumphrey and her poorly Pekingese Tricki Woo.
Fresh out of Glasgow Veterinary College, James Herriot follows his dream to become a vet in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, where he soon discovers that treating the animals is as much about treating their owners.