Q&ABrian Cox, Matt Colwell aka 360, Miranda Tapsell, Richard Gill , Nalini Joshi

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Q&A is an Australian television panel talk show hosted by Tony Jones, one of Australia's most well-known journalists and host of the ABC TV's renowned news and current affairs program Lateline. During the show a panel of five people, usually consisting of politicians, academics and celebrities, answers questions from both the live studio audience and the viewers about a wide range of topics usually related to current news and affairs. Q&A has not been without controversial incidents over the years. When former Australian Prime Minister John Howard attended the program on October 25th, 2010, for example, an environmental activist in the audience threw a shoe at him in reaction to Howard's attitude on the war on Iraq. On another occasion the show was boycott by the government of Tony Abbott after the producers of the show invited a former terror suspect to ask a question of a minister from the audience.