Sunday Night

August 2017

Season 17, Episode 22

3.0 14 x
An eye opening investigation exposing the new underbelly of Australian crime and the bust that rocked the infamous Ibrahim family. Plus Priscilla Presley tells all about her tempestuous life with the legend.

Season 17, Episode 21

4.0 8 x
Melissa Doyle leads a team of Australia's best reporters, breaking the stories that matter.
July 2017

Sun 30 Jul, Diana Our Mother Special

3.0 44 x
An intimate and heartfelt portrait that sheds new light on Diana's life and legacy through the testimony of those who knew her best: her friends, family and most of all, her sons.

Season 17, Episode 20

4.0 34 x
In an exclusive interview, Melissa Doyle sits down with troubled tennis player Bernard Tomic. Also, a look at two undercover operatives trying to rescue children from slavery.

Season 17, Episode 19

3.0 21 x
Tonight, a look at the case of grandmother Sue Neill-Fraser, who was imprisoned for the murder of her husband, despite no body being found. New evidence has emerged that could see her walk free.

Season 17, Episode 18

4.0 20 x
Sunday Night speaks with the ex partner of the man who killed police officer Brett Forte. Also, a look at how video games are being used to treat phobias.
June 2017

Season 17, Episode 17

3.0 19 x
Sunday Night interviews Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who speaks openly and emotionally about his childhood and family. Also, a look at the immigration issues at the US-Mexico border.

Season 17, Episode 16

3.0 48 x
Sunday Night investigates how a multi-national company is making a fortune off donations to some of Australia's biggest companies. Also, a look at how more people will be able to live to 100.

Season 17, Episode 15

3.0 44 x
Sunday Night speaks with Candice Hedge, who remains in hospital after surviving the London Bridge terror attacks and the story of a marathon runner who found and adopted a dog in China.

Season 17, Episode 14

3.0 58 x
Sunday Night speaks with Maylea Tinecheff, who opens up about her estrangement from Ben Cousins, including his addiction to the drug ice and devotion to their children.