Sunday Night

May 2019

Sun 19 May

4.0 8 x
It's called "reality" television but there?s not very much that's real about it. Angela Cox reveals there?s a dark and very dangerous side to the genre's relentless drive for controversy and ratings.

Sun 12 May

4.0 18 x
Sunday Night looks at the story of Abigail Prangs, a woman who was dumped as a baby on the outskirts of Zimbabwe, and now seeks to find out who left her.

Sun 5 May

4.5 19 x
English backpacker Elisha Greer recounts her terrifying road trip through rural Australia, held hostage by a drug-crazed madman. Also, a look at those who have died trying to get the perfect selfie.
April 2019

Sun 21 Apr

4.0 16 x
In one of his final major television reports before his death, Mike Willesee uses the very latest in forensic technology to answer the biggest question of all - does God exist?

Sun 14 Apr

4.0 14 x
Sunday Night looks at Wim Hof, an extreme athlete who believes he's found the secret to long life. Also, a look at the destruction of the Peruvian Amazon, and women who camp alone, away from menfolk.

Sun 7 Apr

4.0 9 x
Melissa Doyle heads to England to bring us all the excitement of the impending Royal Birth and goes beyond the gates of Norland College - the most prestigious nanny training school in the world.
March 2019

Sun 31 Mar

4.0 24 x
Sunday Night catches up with Australian survivors of the Viking Sky cruise disaster. Also, a look at women disfigured by a no-frills cosmetic doctor, and militant vegans colliding with farmers.

Sun 24 Mar

4.0 9 x
Sunday Night looks at Rich Warren, a man who hunts down and exposes paedophiles. Also, Angela Cox interviews the band Kiss ahead of their final world tour.

Sun 17 Mar

3.0 19 x
Sunday Night speaks to groupies and WAGS of footballers, and they're ready to lift the lid on what goes on behind locker room doors. Matt Doran investigates the mystery of doppelgangers.

Sun 10 Mar

4.0 23 x
Sunday Night interviews Octomum, Nadya Suleman as the octuplets celebrate their 10th birthday. Also, a look at John Bigatton's role in the Bitconnect scandal and mystery around his wife's dissapearence.