Sunday Night

December 2017

Special Event: The Diana You Never Knew

4.0 4 x
Can’t wait for Harry and Meghan's wedding? Get your Royal fix with this weekend’s Sunday Night Special Event: The Diana You Never Knew. 7pm Sunday December 17 on Channel 7.

Season 17 Episode 35

3.0 4 x
Rahni Sadler celebrates ABBA's legendary Australia tour forty years ago, as the band reunites for a special event. Also, Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan opens up about his life and career.

Season 17 Episode 34

3.0 17 x
Sunday Night interviews Brenda Lin, the sole survivor of a massacre by her uncle. Also, three friends with Tourette's talk about breaking down barriers, and Goldie Hawn reflects on her life,
November 2017

Season 17 Episode 33

4.0 15 x
Sunday Night sits down with Rebel Wilson, who opens up about her multi-million-dollar defamation suit. Also, Dianne Lake, former lover of murderous cult leader Charles Manson is interviewed.

Sun 19 Nov

4.0 26 x
Tonight, a look at the courtship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Also, Dawn French reflects on her life as she celebrates her 60th birthday

Sun 12 Nov

3.0 35 x
Meet the extraordinary members of a highly secretive police unit whose mission is to protect our kids at any cost.

Season 17 Episode 30

3.0 43 x
We speak with the family of Brittney Dwyer, who stabbed her 81-year-old grandfather to death.
October 2017

Sun 29 Oct

4.0 15 x
Angela Cox details the amazing story of Michelle Small and her son, Dylan. The two of them were lost in the Hunter Valley's Mount Royal National Park for ten days and came close to death

Sun 22 Oct

3.0 23 x
Sun 22 Oct of Sunday Night was broadcast by Seven on Sunday 22 October 2017 at 20:23.

Sun 22 Oct

4.0 5 x
AFL player Dustin Martin, and his family's fight to get his father home to Australia after deportation. Also, Jimmy Barnes confronts his demons.