Sunday Night

October 2017

Season 17 Episode 27

3.0 25 x
Season 17 Episode 27 of Sunday Night was broadcast by Seven on Sunday 8 October 2017 at 20:01.

Season 17 Episode 27

4.0 9 x
Tonight, Angela Cox speaks with Kerri-Anne Kennerley, who shares a dark secret from her past. Also, Maggie Beer talks about her collection of recipes that can help prevent dementia.

Season 17 Episode 9

3.0 15 x
Season 17 Episode 9 of Sunday Night was broadcast by Seven on Sunday 1 October 2017 at 21:06.

Season 17 Episode 9

3.0 8 x
This program explores new theories on the disappearance of British schoolgirl Madeleine McCann.
September 2017

Season 17 Episode 26

4.0 22 x
Who killed Kath Bergamin? The mum disappeared from her country Victoria home 15 years ago, but the trail has not gone cold.

Season 17 Episode 25

4.0 38 x
Rahni Sadler celebrates the 40 year anniversary of ABBA's legendary tour down under. Could there be an ABBA reunion.

Season 17, Episode 24

3.0 17 x
Sunday Night looks at super recognisers - people who can never forget a face. Also a look at Jessica Clark, who has five distinct identities, which can appear at any time - and four of them are male.

Sun 3 Sep

4.0 7 x
Sunday Night meets the families behind some of the world's biggest feline stars. Also, a look at Jenna, a young girl who survived a deadly strain of meningococcal, and an interview with Goldie Hawn.
August 2017

Season 17, Episode 102

4.0 33 x
Get an exclusive never-seen-before peek behind the Royal curtain where an uncensored Diana speaks candidly in secret tapes about the Queen, Prince Charles and life as a Royal.

Season 17, Episode 22

3.0 19 x
An eye opening investigation exposing the new underbelly of Australian crime and the bust that rocked the infamous Ibrahim family. Plus Priscilla Presley tells all about her tempestuous life with the legend.