The Aussie Property Flippers


Season 1, Episode 8

4.0 585 x
Darren and Sean attempt the largest, most expensive reno ever on the show. Also, Trish returns to tackle a challenging two-storey weatherboard in southwest Sydney.

Season 1, Episode 7

4.0 342 x
Mark and Mitch are back, with plans to turn a sad sack Potts Point apartment into a house fit for a queen. Kate Cleary has purchased her next property despite a terrible Building and Pest report.

Season 1, Episode 6

3.3 241 x
First-time flippers Trevor and Bridie take a punt on a rundown '60s weatherboard on the NSW central coast. Darren Arrandez hopes to turn a three-bedroom shack in Melbourne into a four-bedroom palace.

Season 1, Episode 5

4.3 245 x
Trish's plans for a cut-price flip in Sydney's south-west go down the drain when she deals with some shonky DIY. Emily and Azza flip another property, but it turns out to be trouble.

Season 1, Episode 4

2.5 350 x
Former nurse turned flipper Kate has just four weeks and $10K to turn a faded two-bedroom home into a modern executive-style residence.

Season 1, Episode 3

3.7 396 x
John hopes to turn his ugly duckling property into a beautiful swan. Meanwhile, hands-off flippers Mark and Mitch are adding some glam to beachside suburb Tamarama.

Season 1, Episode 2

4.3 562 x
Kath and Chris are divided over spending $1 million to buy a three-bedroom duplex in Sydney. While Amanda and Chris get a fast start to their Melbourne flip, they stagger at the finish.

Season 1, Episode 1

4.3 583 x
This program follows amateur and professional flippers addicted to the thrill of flip. But will it be a successful flip or a disastrous flop?