The Feed

June 2021

Abusive Children

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The Feed speaks to a woman who lives in daily fear of her abuser: her teenage son. Thousands of Australian parents are seeking help from police and courts but systemic loopholes are leaving them largely unprotected and at the mercy of their abusive children.

Cancer Cluster

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What’s causing a cancer cluster in regional Victoria that has killed babies, children and adults? Locals blame a council pesticide spraying program in the nearby wetlands. The chemicals are the most widely used pesticides in the world and were considered safe, but have now been listed by the WHO as probably carcinogenic. S...

Inside the Victorian town where kids kept getting cancer

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Nestled on the coast of Victoria, Barwon Heads had become an epicentre for cancer and chronic diseases, leaving one community group searching for answers.
May 2021

Music Deaths

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COVID lockdowns saw the immediate shutdown of the music industry. For the first time, The Feed reveals the deadly toll of those decisions: a spate of suicides and deaths across the country. Many loved ones of those who died blame the government for not doing enough to support the industry. They say the support was too litt...

The Button Man

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Victoria's rugged high country is much loved by hunters, skiers, campers and bushwalkers. But when a spate of mysterious disappearances occur, the local town and media are spun into a frenzy trying to solve the missing persons cases. At the centre of their speculation is a reclusive bushman who disappears into the mountain...

Girls Fight Back

4.0 9 x
The Feed goes inside a girls’ refuge in Sydney's inner west and meets two teens who are enrolled in a program that teaches them to literally fight for a better life. Plus, Marc Fennell meets the 2021 Eurovision contestant and ARIA Award-winning performer, Montaigne.

Girls fight back: The NSW refuge helping at-risk girls

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Lillian’s is the only long-term housing refuge for girls in NSW, but the residents aren’t defined by their trauma.


4.0 3 x
Marc Fennell caught up with Australia's Eurovision representative, Montaigne, ahead of the competition this month.

Lithgow Mine

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Blue Mountains locals and Aboriginal traditional owners in New South Wales are fighting a proposed mine expansion, which they say will threaten habitat and cultural sites that survived the 2020 Black Summer bushfires. But, the council and local miners say the extra jobs the mine would provide is the only thing keeping the ...
April 2021

Kangaroo Harvesting

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Each night, Rob Gallina and his teen son load their rifles, set up the truck and go out to clear the land of kangaroos. They're professional roo harvesters, employed by farmers to rid their properties of the so-called pest. Around 3 million wild roos and nearly 900,000 joeys are killed each year for meat. It's considered a...