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Meet the Aussie musican who went from a struggling indie act to being taken under the wing of music icon Prince. Marc Fennell sits down with multi-talented prodigy Harts.

February 22

4.0 3 x
Do you know what it's like to live with Tourette Syndrome? We meet the father and son living with the disorder plus the housing market in Australian is getting even crazier. Also, Lindsay Lohan is into global politics now so there ya go.

Team Tourette's

4.0 3 x
Bailey and his dad Duncan Whitcombe have a shared motto: the family that tics together, sticks together. We meet the father and son pair living with Tourette Syndrome.

February 21

3.0 1 x
Marc Fennell sits down with Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle to talk the Trainspotting sequel and directing the Queen. Plus, Jan Fran looks at whether the HSC needs a shake up.

Danny Boyle

4.0 1 x
Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle sits down with Marc Fennell to talk about his sequel to Trainspotting, using drugs and directing the Queen.
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