Totally Wild

May 2018

Season 25, Episode 53

3.0 21 x
Vaulting off a mechanical horse, climbing trees for a job and training birds - we've got quite the line-up today. Plus, we're taking on a high ropes course and trying to hide from a detector dog!

Season 25, Episode 52

3.0 15 x
Underneath your feet is the making of a Totally Wild adventure! We're joining a muddy cadet obstacle course, digging up fossils and discovering the secrets of a sandy beach!

Season 25, Episode 51

4.0 10 x
Want a ZOO in your backyard? Look no further! We're in the back paddock meeting foals and hitting the aquarium to catch up with a very smart octopus. Plus, playing footy with birds of prey!

Season 25, Episode 50

3.0 15 x
Star gazing, gemstones and endangered species - we're uncovering lots of precious treasure today! Plus, get not-so up close and personal to a rattlesnake and meet a very fluffy malamute!

Season 25, Episode 49

3.0 7 x
Whether you like racing about or chilling at your own speed, there's an adventure for you today - sea turtles, horses and basketballer's pets - plus discover the secrets of a fast wicket!

Season 25, Episode 48

4.0 11 x
We've got some pretty sweet adventures lined up for today. We're discovering how hay bales are made, building a possum dray and going on outback patrol with the army cadets!

Season 25, Episode 47

3.0 10 x
Smell that Wilders? THAT is the sweet scent of awesome adventures! We're going behind the scenes at vet training school, creating penguins out of sand and meeting the super smelling coati.

Season 25, Episode 46

3.0 6 x
We're showing off the full Totally Wild life cycle today! Giving Shar Pei puppies their first bath, growing bananas in the backyard and meeting toothy crocodile mums!

Season 25, Episode 45

3.0 5 x
Hop to it team! Today, we're learning a thing or two about the roo, skilling up on our footy bounce and meeting the beautiful, big-eared bilby!

Season 25, Episode 44

3.0 9 x
From making delicious pretzels to finding the perfect pineapple and meeting happy pigs in mud, today's Totally Wild is an overload for the senses!