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February 2019

Season 25, Episode 170

4.3 70 x
Pick up your invite to an elephant pool party along with your BTS access to a HUGE ballet performance. Plus, a trip to the blacksmith and the race track.

Season 25, Episode 169

3.0 27 x
How do you make junkyard music? Become a tennis ball kid? Or do sweet tricks at the skate park? All those questions will be answered on today's ep - so tune in!

Season 25, Episode 167

4.0 12 x
Hiking the Kokoda trail, rocking out at school and meeting a rhino face to face. All that and more on today's epic ep! Plus, a quick trip to the doggy dentist!

Season 25, Episode 166

4.0 17 x
What's your spirit animal? Today, Ambo's trying to find hers and she might have met her tiger match! We also check out paragliding and swim with the sharks!

Season 25, Episode 165

4.0 12 x
On today's ep, we're spying on birds, training to be tennis champs and feeling the need for speed on the race track. Plus, we have a cuppa with a real life magician!

Season 25, Episode 168

4.0 7 x
Hang with golf pros, feed a giraffe and discover how to create video special effects at home. Plus, meet super cute dingos and driver Tim Slade's pet pooch!

Season 25, Episode 163

3.0 22 x
We are up and at it on today's show when we get off the beach and into the waves for kite surfing, off the couch and on to the cricket pitch for playing tips and take time out to train an ostrich!

Season 25, Episode 162

4.0 8 x
There's something for everyone on today's show when we try not to tumble off a high ropes course, test drive a tank and take our positions with some pro ballerinas.

Season 25, Episode 161

3.0 33 x
So many questions on today's Totally Wild. What happens when you run away to join the circus, just how does a hippo clean its teeth and what goes on during a crash course in kayaking?

Season 25, Episode 164

4.0 12 x
Today's Totally Wild is one awesome mix of rugby league players, bug eating plants, rock climbing kids and the cutest baby elephants ever. Don't miss a minute!