Aussie Salvage SquadSeason 4, Episode 7

  • Season 4Episode 7
  • Playback time44:00

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Aussie Salvage Squad

Aussie Salvage Squad is a TV show on Seven. Aussie Salvage Squad is an Australian factual television series that was produced by Australian producers Darren Chau (Aussie Gold Hunters, Outback Opal Hunters) and Craig Graham (Moment of Truth, The Embassy) for digital television multichannel 7mate. The show is about the world of marine salvage and rescue in Australia, and follows marine rescue experts in Whitsundays, Queenslands, as they deal with salvage work resulting from cyclones and other natural disasters. The team of experts in Aussie Salvage Squad and the high-risk work they do are headed by Luke Purdy, who provides insight into the real-life-behind-the-scenes effort that goes into keeping the Australian coastlines safe from threats such as marine wreckage, toxic spills, and natural disaster. A thrilling look inside truly heroic work that generally goes unnoticed by the big public. The popular program has been available since 2024. A total of 1 episode was broadcast in June 2024.