Border Security - Australia's Front Line

October 2020

Episode 14

4.0 346 x
Biosecurity dog Cody makes a fishy discovery in the bags of a mother daughter couple returning from Vietnam. An x-ray image on a package from Tanzania shows something that looks like a head.

Episode 15

3.5 109 x
When officers stop a woman from Canada, they suspect she's not here for business as she claims. This investigation unravels one of the most elaborate concealments ever seen at the Border.
May 2020

Episode 13

3.8 666 x
Biosecurity stop a woman entering the country with some extremely dangerous and prohibited goods. A Chinese teacher says he is here for an 11 day holiday but his suitcase is void of clothing.
April 2020

Episode 12

3.6 409 x
A passenger has declared only tobacco but it's clear straight away he isn't telling the whole truth. Border Force officers at the Sydney Mail Centre make an interesting find inside hydraulic pumps.

Episode 11

3.2 225 x
Officers want to know the reason for a French traveller's extremely nervous behaviour. Biosecurity officers find a disgusting concealment in the luggage of a woman arriving from Vietnam.
March 2020

Episode 10

4.8 162 x
When a Chinese man is reluctant to answer officer's questions, they soon realise he's covering for a partner in crime. What a man has hidden in his bag could have a devastating effect on biosecurity.

Episode 9

3.3 181 x
An American man makes a shocking confession in one of Borders most dramatic busts. A strange package from Russia is found to contain an extremely rare and unusual item.
October 2019

Episode 8

4.5 740 x
A convicted drug smuggler returns to Australia for the first time since his arrest 15 years ago. The special investigations unit execute a dramatic raid on a storage facility.
September 2019

Episode 7

4.4 335 x
A Brazilian woman arriving from New Zealand is caught with what looks like an implement to snort cocaine. Border Force execute a warrant in search of a Sri Lankan man they think is here illegally.
July 2019

Episode 6 - 17 Jul 2019

4.3 236 x
Go behind the scenes of Australia's customs, quarantine and immigration departments.