Border Security - Australia's Front Line

Border Security - Australia's Front Line catch up

Season 15

Season 15, Episode 15

4.3 483 x
Hundreds of packages of illicit substances are stopped at the International Mail Centre every week and today is no exception when drug detector dog Vulcan makes an amazing find.

Season 15, Episode 7

4.5 122 x
A nervous man says he’s here to visit his wife for their wedding anniversary but what’s in his luggage may spell the end of his trip. An officer’s skills stop a drug delivery through the mail.

Season 15, Episode 12

4.5 246 x
What officers find on a Bulgarian visitor’s phone could mean an abrupt end to his holiday. Two fruit pickers from Tonga have failed to declare prohibited items.

Season 15, Episode 11

4.8 440 x
An unemployed man frequently travels business class and when officers check out his past it raises even more questions. A passenger is carrying very risky items in his luggage.

Episode 10

3.0 157 x
A passenger at Melbourne Airport is concealing a massive illegal import in her luggage. Her tears won’t stop officers discovering what she’s up to.

Episode 9

4.0 127 x
A man’s bag tests returns a positive swab for drugs after a trip to Thailand. An elderly Vietnamese woman is hiding something and Biosecurity officers are determined to find it.

Episode 8

4.0 183 x
A man from Amsterdam says he’s here for a holiday, but his suspicious travel itinerary through China and an empty suitcase seem to tell a very different story.

Episode 6

4.0 119 x
Two brothers from Thailand claim they’re just tourists but after talking to their sister Border Force discovers something that makes their story likely to be a lie.

Episode 5

4.1 812 x
A drug detector dogs sits at a woman’s bags and officers need to investigate further. A nervous passenger attracts the attention of Biosecurity and what he’s hiding may be deadly.

Episode 3

4.3 268 x
Officers suspect a Brazilian man is lying to them and his answers aren’t helping him. A Chinese student returning to Australia seems to be in a hurry and Biosecurity officers think they know why.