Doctor Doctor

May 2020

Episode 10

3.6 130 x
Hugh makes a fateful decision when Penny decides to leave Whyhope forever. Hayley's dream job turns into a nightmare that needs divine intervention. Meryl finds unexpected ways to redeem herself to family and friends.

Episode 9

4.8 118 x
Hugh is forced to make tough decisions about his future when Meryl has a health crisis. Charlie and Matt put aside their differences to save the Brewery. Hayley and Ajax's marriage is in crisis when she accepts a job at Rod Eagle's club.
April 2020

Episode 8

4.8 160 x
Meryl plans a surprise birthday party for Hugh to reunite her warring family. Meanwhile, Hugh confronts his regrets over his relationships with Tara and Penny.

Episode 7

4.0 128 x
Hugh tries to teach Matt how to succeed at modern dating. Hayley discovers a surprising new talent. Tara's PTSD has a devastating impact on her work and relationships.
March 2020

Episode 6

2.8 303 x
After being evicted by Meryl and rejected by Penny, Hugh is determined to redeem himself. April is pregnant, but not everyone is as supportive as Matt had hoped. Meryl's political ambitions cause chaos in her family.

Episode 5

4.0 131 x
Hugh and Tara's wild night out ends in disaster. Penny's makes a shocking confession to her new husband Jarrod. Meryl takes charge when Baby Eliza goes missing.
February 2020

Episode 4

3.0 126 x
Hugh finally gets the courage to declare his love to Penny but is he too late? Hayley is torn between love and duty when Ajax & Meryl compete in the council election. April gives Charlie an ultimatum to leave Whyhope and forget about Matt.

Episode 3

3.8 120 x
Hugh and Jarrod lock horns over Penny, with painful results for Jarrod. Ajax vows revenge after Meryl humiliates him in a council election scam. Matt risks his relationship with April when he asks Charlie to help to run the brewery.

Episode 2

3.3 125 x
Hugh reaches crisis point when Penny fires him from the hospital. Hayley is inspired to perk up her sex life after reading Charlie's erotic sci-fi novel. Betty is heartbroken to discover her Cop boyfriend is involved in Meryl's corruption.

Episode 1

4.7 205 x
Hugh falls back into his bad-boy lifestyle when he learns Penny is getting married. Charlie returns to Whyhope, determined to win back Matt's love. Meryl hatches a corrupt plan to help Ajax's cemetery business.