Doctor Doctor


Episode 7

4.0 11 x
Penny's teenage son hatches a cunning plan to rekindle the romance between Hugh and Penny. Sharna launches a charm offensive to get Hugh a high-profile job in the city.

Episode 6

3.2 34 x
Penny must decide between her loyalty to the hospital and her feelings for Hugh. Meryl's corruption trial takes a surprising twist, and Ajax takes a stand to win back Hayley.

Episode 5

4.0 17 x
Hugh is forced to choose sides when Meryl plots to destroy Sharna's career. Ken reveals a dark secret when his parents visit Whyhope. Hayley has a crisis of faith.

Episode 4

2.5 15 x
Hugh's romance with Sharna hits a rocky patch when she threatens to shut down the hospital. Charlie devises a plan to solve Meryl's legal problems and help Wes's family.

Episode 3

3.8 16 x
Hugh and Penny lock horns when she returns to work at the hospital. Sharna's mission to clean up Whyhope causes chaos for Ken, Betty and Meryl.

Episode 2

3.8 19 x
Hugh and Penny set aside their differences to fight for the rights of a terminally ill young mother, Meryl ropes in Hayley to hide evidence of her corruption from Sharna.

Episode 1

4.7 43 x
Hugh's plan to leave Whyhope is thrown into chaos when the hospital is forced to shut, Meryl is investigated for corruption, and an old flame makes a surprise return.
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Episode 10

3.6 151 x
Hugh makes a fateful decision when Penny decides to leave Whyhope forever. Hayley's dream job turns into a nightmare that needs divine intervention. Meryl finds unexpected ways to redeem herself to family and friends.

Episode 9

4.8 132 x
Hugh is forced to make tough decisions about his future when Meryl has a health crisis. Charlie and Matt put aside their differences to save the Brewery. Hayley and Ajax's marriage is in crisis when she accepts a job at Rod Eagle's club.

Episode 8

4.8 168 x
Meryl plans a surprise birthday party for Hugh to reunite her warring family. Meanwhile, Hugh confronts his regrets over his relationships with Tara and Penny.