Find Me In ParisSeason 3, Episode 9 - Old Friends

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Find Me In Paris

Find Me In Paris is an English-spoken, French-German-produced teen drama comedy series set on location in the French capital of Paris. The series sets off in the year 1905, where a Russian princess called Helena Grisky is training at the Opéra de Paris to become a prima ballerina. She has a boyfriend called Henri who is unaware of the fact that his family are time-travellers. As a result, things get shaken up more than they could ever imagine when Henri gives Helena an old family watch that transports her to 2018 Paris. Find Me In Paris became available in more than 130 countries worldwide in less than a year after its first release. Jessica Lord (The Next Step, Ransom), the English actress portraying Lena Grisky in the series, was praised by critics for her performances, while the story has been hailed as being universally entertaining for both English and non-English countries and viewers.