Man Finds Food

Man Finds Food catch up

July 2017

Wed 19 Aug, season 1 episode 6

3.0 82 x
Adam goes to LA where he reveals a spicy off-menu burger at his favourite Thai joint. Plus a secret Mexican breakfast dish named after Godzilla.

Wed 19 Aug, season 1 episode 5

4.0 62 x
Adam Richman's hunt for secret dishes leads him to the City by the Bay. So he tries an off-menu Hawaiian-Korean mash-up, a decadent burger/pate hangover cure and Eggs McMahon.

Wed 26 Aug, season 1 episode 7

3.0 48 x
Adam's in Atlanta seeking out a secret burger with southern charm, barbecue in a questionable location and an off-menu taco combining two comfort food classics.

Season 1 episode 12

3.5 124 x
Adam Richman's in New Orleans revealing secret menu items like a garlic knot-nachos hybrid, a BBQ surf and turf po'boy, and redfish on the half shell.

Season 1 episode 14

3.0 117 x
Adam is in his hometown, discovering all new off the menu dishes. First up, Adam searches for a hidden steakhouse that serves an off menu veal chop special.
May 2017

Wed 26 Aug, season 1 episode 8

3.3 96 x
Adam's in Las Vegas where he explores a Chicago mob-inspired speakeasy and their secret dish using Al Capone's original marinara sauce.
April 2017

Season 1 episode 2

3.5 78 x
Adam visits Boston and uncovers authentic Australian pies in an artful shipyard, an 'adults only' secret steakhouse and a lobster eatery in a house's garage.

Wed 9 Sep, season 1 episode 3

3.0 101 x
Adam visits Milwaukee to unearth some cheesy secrets. He tries out their off-menu 'Spyburger' and dines in an after-hours ramen den, hidden inside another restaurant.
March 2017

Season 1 episode 13

3.0 57 x
Travelling to Philadelphia, Adam's first destination focuses on super creative burgers.
February 2017

Season 1 episode 11

3.0 51 x
Adam visits Nashville for off-the-menu, deep fried grilled cheese and an ice cream soda only ordered by a secret tweet. He also finds a 3-cheese, chili hidden hot dog and spicy chicken waffles.