Plate Of Origin

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 10

16 x
Two teams go head-to-head to win the $100k prize money and prove that their cuisine is the best on the planet.

Season 1, Episode 9

19 x
It's the semi-final as four teams dig deep into their heritage to present a "Classic" dish which ultimately represents their cuisine. It's an emotional roller coaster as only two teams will remain.

Season 1, Episode 8

31 x
The Quarter-Finals fast-and-furious round continues with the last four teams left to cook battling for the final two places in the semi-final.

Episode 7

200 x
The competition steps up a notch launching into the fast and furious Quarter-Finals as the 8 remaining teams learn that half of them will be eliminated in a succession of quick-fire, head-to head matc

Episode 6

340 x
Five losing teams from the head-to-heads compete in the first elimination challenge by turning the flavours of their nation into an Aussie classic - THE PIE!

Episode 5

233 x
It's the last of the head-to head match ups with Team Italy competing against Team Venezuela as they battle to secure the win and avoid being the final team to be sent to the elimination challenge.

Episode 4

341 x
The fourth head-to-head pits Team India against Team Lebanon in a fiery face-off which results in a new record-breaking score for the competition.

Episode 3

434 x
Team Vietnam and Team Cameroon go head to head in the Plate of Origin arena. Both teams are poised for victory, but will the pressure and the emotion of the competition prove too much?

Episode 2

453 x
Team Greece take on Team France in the Arena. Will a Greek tragedy lead to a French victory in the battle to find the best food on the planet? Judges Matt Preston, Manu Feildel and Gary Mehigan.
Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1

1,357 x
Ten Aussie teams representing the greatest food nations on earth go head to head in epic battles, each team hungry to prove their food is the world's best.