MasterChef Australia

June 2019

Season 11, Episode 37

3.3 415 x
Sweet Week continues with an Immunity ice cream challenge. In round two, the best cook will go up against chef Alice Wright.

Season 11, Episode 36

4.7 119 x
In a surprise twist, our bottom three contestants from the cereal Invention Test have been thrown straight into a pressure test. Aprons on, it's time to cook a unique creation by Kate Reid.

Season 11, Episode 35

3.0 37 x
Kicking off Sweet Week, molecular master Heston Blumenthal enters the MasterChef kitchen with a mystery box for the contestants.

Season 11, Episode 34

4.0 34 x
Maggie Beer is back for today's elimination challenge which will take place over two rounds. In round one the contenstants must celebrate herbs from the garden, in round two they must feature spices.

Season 11, Episode 33

3.0 63 x
Contestants find themselves in the Macedon Ranges for today's team challenge - a picnic at Hanging Rock. What will be a surprise is who is today's guest chef - none other than the beloved Maggie Beer.

Season 11, Episode 32

3.0 35 x
Contestants cooking today awake with letters from home containing special instructions for round one of the immunity cook. The winner will cook off against chef Jessie McTavish from North Bondi Fish.

Season 11, Episode 31

3.0 35 x
Three contestants will today face the chopping block in an elimination challenge, with a surprise twist.

Season 11, Episode 30

3.0 39 x
Today is the dreaded everything box where contestants must use every one of the eight ingredients. They will have to be extra creative if they want to win a place in this week's immunity challenge.

Season 11, Episode 29

2.0 78 x
In tonight's elimination contestants undergo a skills test followed by a seafood platter challenge including raw, fried and steamed elements. MasterClass with judges and Homage restaurant's Ash Martin.

Season 11, Episode 28

4.0 42 x
The MasterChef Queensland trip continues and today teams must cook a BBQ feast to serve 150 Noosa locals. The team that serves the least impressive BBQ feast will go into tomorrow's elimination.