MasterChef Australia

May 2018

Season 10, Episode 14

4.0 219 x
The contestants in the losing team are in the MasterChef Australia kitchen for what will be the last time for one of them. Plus, the first Masterclass of the season with Nigella Lawson.

Season 10, Episode 13

4.0 41 x
Tonight, in a team service challenge, it will be a battle of the brunches, as two groups of 10, they take over two cafes. Contestants will have real customers, with real orders and real dockets.

Season 10, Episode 12

3.0 60 x
The winning contestant from the mystery box challenge joins the top three contestants from the invention test in today's two round immunity challenge.

Season 10, Episode 11

3.0 26 x
The bottom three contestants from last night's invention test will face off in today's pressure test. The contestants have 75 minutes to complete four of Nigella Lawson's favourite chocolate dishes.

Season 10, Episode 10

4.0 48 x
Culinary goddess, Nigella Lawson arrives in the Masterchef kitchen for a week of challenges and surprises. The lid is lifted on Nigella's mystery box to reveal some of her favourite ingredients...

Season 10, Episode 9

3.0 54 x
The losing team from yesterday's MCG service challenge must face-off in today's elimination challenge. The contestants must cook something inspired by the dish that made them fall in love with food.

Season 10, Episode 8

3.0 20 x
The contestants find themselves on the turf of the iconic MCG for the first team challenge. Split into two teams, each must cook delicious and nutritious food for 50 diners using a different protein.

Season 10, Episode 7

3.0 28 x
The winner of the mystery box challenge and the 3 best-performing cooks from the invention test will compete for immunity with Shannon Bennett back in the kitchen to guide and mentor the contestants.

Season 10, Episode 6

4.0 34 x
The 3 contestants with the least impressive dishes from last night's invention test face off in the pressure test. Queen of the kitchen, Maggie Beer, enters the kitchen with the dish to be recreated.

Season 10, Episode 5

4.0 113 x
The 23 cooks enter the MasterChefAustralia kitchen for the first mystery box challenge of the season. This year the rules are changing, the winner of the mystery box will get a game-changing advantage