My Kitchen Rules

April 2019

Episode 46 - 16 Apr 2019

3.0 40 x
Teams face their toughest critics yet - the people who have walked in their shoes. Contestants from over 10 years of MKR return with big expectations. Which team will earn a place in the semis?

Episode 45 - 15 Apr 2019

4.0 21 x
The Top 6 teams step into the spotlight preparing show-stopping canapes for a room full of VIPs. Which delicious morsel will dazzle diners and send the winning team through to the Semi-Finals?

Episode 44 - 14 Apr 2019

4.0 23 x
The MKR Restaurant is open for business but it's not all rave reviews on opening night. Which team will shine and score a golden ticket straight to the Semi-Finals?

Episode 43 - 10 Apr 2019

3.0 37 x
Confident Peruvians Andy & Ruby are striving to be numero uno but the Ultimates have challenged even the strongest of teams. Will their Latin fire be reduced to ashes?

Episode 42 - 09 Apr 2019

3.0 25 x
With elimination looming, Veronica & Piper want to put on a night fit for a queen. But as the king of all scoring debates hits the table, can the beauties cook up a fairytale ending?

Episode 41 - 08 Apr 2019

4.0 27 x
Cocky socialites Ibby & Romel are oozing confidence, but will pride come before a fall? Meanwhile a green-eyed monster takes a seat at the table.

Episode 40 - 07 Apr 2019

3.0 41 x
Expectations are high for Hall of Famers Lisa & John. As the history-making duo strive to recreate perfection in the kitchen, Victor lays it all out at the table exposing his lover's lies.

Episode 39 - 03 Apr 2019

3.0 38 x
Victor & G want to transform bad vibes into good energy. But as the barmen try to escape trouble in the kitchen, evidence at the table stacks up leaving Piper's heart in tatters.

Episode 38 - 02 Apr 2019

4.0 27 x
Pat & Bianca hope their menu can bring a fractured table together. But where there's smoke there's fire and the truth-seekers won't stop until they strike gold!

Episode 37 - 01 Apr 2019

3.0 44 x
The year's most explosive dinner party is here! We're back at Josh & Austin's bunker where they pray they'll redeem themselves. As three guests storm off, the biggest bombshell is at the table.

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My Kitchen Rules is an Australian competitive cooking-based TV reality show that has been airing on Seven since 2010 in which teams of two people are being challenged and pitched against each other to turn an ordinary home into a full-blown restaurant for one day. Each team prepares a three-course meal for the panel of My Kitchen Rules-judges and the other team, who will rate the cooking team's performance. The concept for My Kitchen Rules was inspired by the show My Restaurant Rules, so it's no coincidence that both shows are produced by the same team at Seven Productions. Production for My Kitchen Rules was given the green light when the executives at Seven saw the considerable success of MasterChef Australia, one of the hit shows at rival Network Ten.

Initially each episode would focus on two teams going head-to- head to see who would progress to the next round and who would be eliminated. Over the years the format of the show has been adapted, and the risk of direct elimination after one episode was removed to make place for a more elaborate and long-term scoring system, including special Rounds, Finals round and the Grand Final. Ever since it debut season the show has been on the lists of highest-rated and most-watched shows in Australia. The final episodes of each season are consistently ranked amongst the highest-rated TV programs of the year.

In the wake of the series' success the format was exported to other territories as well, including New Zealand, where it airs on TVNZ 1, the United Kingdom, where the format was purchased by Sky Living, and Serbia, where local company Emotion Production acquired the rights for the show. The original Australian version of the show has also been sold to various countries, including South Africa, the Netherlands and Canada.

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