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Our Yorkshire Farm

The youngest of the nine children starts school. A Covid outbreak sends the Owens back into lockdown. The family come together to celebrate Nancy's big moment.

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Season 4
This week, it's the summer holidays and 17-year-old Reuben has taken some time off to help his parents with hay making. Miles and Edith help with shearing the sheep.
June has arrived and the family are clearing their meadows as they have a month to get the farm ready for hay-making time. The family plan a birthday surprise for Violet.
When the children return to school after the Easter break, Clive, Amanda and Nancy handle lambing duties on the farm. Clive worries about the unseasonable freezing weather.
The children are off school for the Easter holidays. Lambing time has just begun and the children help Amanda set up the lambing 'hospital shed' and deliver a pair of twins.
The Owen children are finally going back to school. While her siblings return to the classroom, four-year-old Nancy is helping her parents prepare for lambing.
The Owen's tackle their 2nd lockdown during one of the worst winters they have ever faced juggling work on the farm with the childrens' homeschooling.
It's Christmas at Ravenseat Farm, and all 9 children are home for the festivities. The family are kept busy delivering calves. Miles and Sydney are asked to relocate their hens.
The Owen family invest in buying a dairy cow, Reuben goes with his mum and younger sisters to pick Buttercup up from a neighbouring farm.
The Owens help Swaledale Mountain Rescue to stage a training exercise on their land. Clive and Amanda have volunteered their children to take part.
Season 3
The family struggles through two winter storms, during which 100mph winds batter the farm and more than a month's worth of rainfall occurs in the space of just 24 hours.
The family has recently discovered that their home is more than 700 years old, which inspires Edith and Violet to search the barn for evidence of previous occupants.
All nine children return home for Christmas. Clemmy has her hands full nursing a premature calf, while Clive has fixed up an ancient contraption to cook the festive roast.
Amanda and the children prepare for the demands of breeding season in Autumn.
This third series begins as the family bids farewell to Raven as she leaves for university. Four-year-old Clemmy is also about to start school.