Why Are You Like ThisSeason 1, Episode 3 - D*ck Or P*ssy Of Colour

Why Are You Like This

Why Are You Like This is an Australian comedy television series broadcast on ABC TV Plus. The show follows the sometimes complicated adventures of a pair of best friends and house mates Penny and Mia, and their third house mate Austin, all of the socially conscious twenty-somethings trying to navigate their lives as young adults the best way they can. The series started as part of the Australian comedy anthology series Fresh Blood before getting its own format. Why Are You Like This features a talented cast of Australian actors and comedians. The main roles of the series are portrayed by Australian actor and stand-up performer Naomi Higgins (Get Krack!n, Gocsy's Classics) as Penny, Australian actress Olivia Junkeer (Neighbours, Erinsborough High) as Mia, and Australian actor Wil King (Fragile, Lavender) as Austin.