800 Words

800 Words catch up

October 2018

Season 3 Episode 16

Expired 3.9 1,010 x
Big Mac's space race plans divide the town. George is worried that Katie could lose her home and Woody's worried he's about to lose his daughter.
September 2018

Season 3 Episode 15

4.8 404 x
George and Shay grow further apart. Shay gives Katie a serve after the fallout with Joe Cettino and Poppy cuts a chunk out of Lindsay.

Season 3 Episode 14

4.2 483 x
The Turner family are forced to revisit their tragic past when a stranger walks into town. Poppy?s outback justice upsets some of the Weld locals and the republican presidential race hots up.

Season 3 Episode 13

3.6 353 x
George and Woody fail to make up after Arlo?s shenanigans. Ike receives unlikely help from Shay in his spiritual quest. A council restructure has Weld at risk of being swallowed up by Stafford.

Season 3 Episode 12

4.3 679 x
Arlo two-times Lindsay and Poppy and suffers the fallout. George struggles in the parenting department and worries he?s causing Billy?s stress problem. Shay gets an unlikely visitor.
August 2018

Season 3 Episode 11

3.0 507 x
George and Katie test their new relationship with a winter camp. Arlo and Poppy grow closer while Shay struggles with Ike moving on and Big Mac has a grand tourist plan for Weld.

Season 3 Episode 10

Expired 3.2 747 x
George's romantic night with Katie unravels. Fiona's baby plans hit an emotional and financial snag. And boot camp comes to Weld!

Season 3 Episode 9

4.7 792 x
George gets an unexpected visitor after making his big decision. Arlo tries to navigate the Lindsay situation and Monty surprises everybody when he hooks up with Ngahuia again.
November 2017

Season 3 Episode 7

4.7 374 x
George enjoys having the house to himself and declares war on punctuation.

Season 3 Episode 8

4.6 590 x
George helps Monty write the best man speech.