Batman: The Brave and the Bold

July 2017

Episode 20 (Hail The Tornado Tyrant!)

3.0 4 x
Red Tornado attempts to create a being that will possess the one thing he lacks; human emotion.

Episode 13 (Mitefall!)

3.0 2 x
In the series finale, Bat-Mite decides to cancel Batman: The Brave and the Bold when he becomes bored with his former favorite superhero.
June 2017

Episode 15 (Trials Of The Demon!)

3.0 4 x
After taking on the Scarecrow with the aid of the Golden Age Flash, Batman must travel to 19th century London to capture the Gentleman Ghost.

Episode 10 (Powerless!)

3.0 5 x
Captain Atom joins the Justice League, but has to learn how to continue being a super hero even after losing his powers to his old enemy Major Force.

Episode 9 (Bold Beginnings!)

3.0 5 x
After a team up with Space Ghost and his companions, Batman must come to the aid of three of his fellow superheroes who have fallen into the icy clutches of Mr. Freeze. As they wait to be rescued, Green Arrow, Plastic Man and Aquaman reminisce about...

Episode 5 (Day Of The Dark Knight!)

4.0 5 x
After a team-up with Guy Gardner, Batman teams up with Green Arrow to travel into the past to stop Morgaine Le Fay from conquering Camelot and defeating King Arthur.
May 2017

Episode 4 (Night of the Batmen!)

3.0 12 x
When Batman is injured, his friends Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow and Plastic Man step in to patrol Gotham City as Batman by wearing the mantle of the Dark Knight. And although they protect the city from Catwoman, Penguin, Bane and more, it ...

Episode 3 (Shadow of the Bat!)

3.0 10 x
Infected with vampirism by the vampire Dala, Batman hunts down his Justice League colleagues, one by one turning them into creatures of the night. It's up to Martian Manhunter and the demon Etrigan to save the day.
April 2017

Episode 22 (Cry Freedom Fighters!)

4.0 9 x
When an alien race tries to invade Earth, Batman, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters race to their planet to stop them. The alien's numbers prove overwhelming and it falls on Plastic Man to find the patriotism within to stop them.

Episode 21 (Plague Of The Prototypes!)

4.0 6 x
When Batman is on call, Gotham is kept safe by his squad of trusty Bat-Robots, but when Black Mask reprograms the unstoppable soldiers to do his bidding, Batman must blow the dust off "Proto".
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