June 2020

Episode 5

75 x
As David delves into Julia's political manoeuvring before the attack, his theories about a conspiracy at the heart of government look increasingly plausible.

Episode 6

143 x
David awakens to find himself bloodied and the planned fall guy in a corruption cover-up.
May 2020

Episode 3

98 x
In the wake of two terrorist attacks, David is under more pressure than ever to keep the home secretary safe.

Episode 4

74 x
David struggles to come to terms with the fallout from the devastating events of the past 24 hours. The police retake control of the investigation into the attacks.

Episode 1

141 x
War veteran David Budd finds work as a police sergeant with London's Metropolitan Police Service. He is assigned to protect a controversial politician who may be the target of a terror plot.

Episode 2

72 x
Home secretary Julia Montague's controversial policies make her a terrorist target and test the loyalty of specialist protection officer David Budd.