Chicago Med


Ep 7 Saints

3.0 41 x
Sharon must decide whether to put her job on the line for a patient in need.

Ep 6 Bound

4.0 69 x
Sharon is visited by the Department of Homeland Security regarding two airplane stowaways who are brought to the hospital with major injuries.

Ep 5 Malignant

3.5 150 x
As Doctors Rhodes and Zanetti race against the clock to save a fallen member of Firehouse 51, the case of a woman clinging to life is discovered to be similar to those of other patients.

Ep 4 Mistaken

3.0 54 x
In the aftermath of a movie theatre shooting, the doctors work to treat the victims while Sharon tries to keep the press at bay.

Ep 3 Fallback

4.0 78 x
Connor is forced to confront his past when he takes on the case of a close family friend who's been impaled by glass shards.
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