Season 6, Episode 21

3.0 58 x
Holmes and Watson's partnership is threatened when Joan is suspected of murder.

Season 6, Episode 19

4.5 29 x
Holmes and Watson race to locate a missing woman. Meanwhile, Holmes' friend becomes the prime suspect in the woman's disappearance.

Season 6, Episode 18

4.0 12 x
A killer is choosing victims based on the predictions of a deceased man who claimed to foresee future deaths, including the death of Sherlock Holmes.

Season 6, Episode 17

4.0 10 x
The duo suspects a murdered zoologist was killed because of his numerous affairs or his trailblazing research; Holmes finds himself the victim of identity theft after his medical records are stolen.

Season 6, Episode 16

3.0 13 x
The murder of a robotics engineer may be connected to his ground-breaking secret research in teleportation.

Season 6, Episode 15

3.0 10 x
Holmes and Watson's investigation into the murder of a religion professor puts them on the hunt for a killer connected to the occult.

Season 6, Episode 14

4.0 14 x
Holmes and Watson race to help detective Bell when he becomes a victim of a bioterrorism attack at the precinct.

Season 6, Episode 13

4.0 18 x
Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a relocation expert who was hiding a secret career. Watson suffers a setback in her attempts to adopt a child.

Season 6, Episode 11

4.0 23 x
Holmes engages an old foe to protect his father after he learns Morland is in danger; Holmes and Watson search for a killer connected to the tobacco industry.

Season 6, Episode 10

3.0 39 x
Sherlock and his father attempt to repair their relationship upon learning of a death within their family; Holmes and Watson search for a killer who tried to mummify his victim.