God Friended Me

November 2019

7. Instant Karma

3.0 0 x
Miles is confused when a man wants nothing to do with a winning lottery ticket that the God account helps Miles return to him.

6. The Fighter

4.0 1 x
The God account sends Miles the name of Elena, a social worker who began training in mixed martial arts to help heal the emotional wounds of a traumatic experience.

5. The Greater Good

4.0 6 x
Miles' world and Arthur's world intersect when the God account indicates that Bishop Thompson's daughter is in need of help.

4. All Those Yesterday's

3.0 4 x
Miles, Cara and Rakesh support Joy when the God account sends her a friend suggestion that brings up painful memories for her. Arthur is tempted by a professional opportunity.
October 2019

3. From Paris With Love

4.0 5 x
Miles reunites with Cara in Paris as they seek to unravel clues from the God account; Rakesh helps Joy with her latest friend suggestion, a parking officer who just ticketed Joy.

2. The Lady

4.0 10 x
Miles and Rakesh help Joy with her new friend suggestion, an aspiring self-help guru. Cara follows a lead in Paris. Ali reveals to Arthur that she's joined a progressive LGBTQ-friendly congregation.

1. Joy

3.0 14 x
Miles tries to help Joy figure out what the God account wants from her after she receives her first friend suggestion since getting Miles' name. Simon helps Cara reconnect with an important person.
June 2019

20. Que Sera Sera

3.0 38 x
Miles, Cara and Rakesh finally come face to face with the elusive Henry Chase.

19. The Road To Damascus

4.0 25 x
Arthur joins Miles on a road trip upstate after the God account checks into a closed-down summer camp. Cara makes a career-altering decision. The hunt for answers to the God account comes to a head.

18. Return To Sender

4.0 17 x
When a package mistakenly shows up on Miles' doorstep, his search for its importance leads him to a couple grieving the loss of their daughter. Miles, Cara and Rakesh reunite with John Dove.