Grey's Anatomy


S14 E16 - Caught Somewhere In Time

4.0 19 x
Maggie and Jackson are enjoying spending time together, but he must turn his concentration toward the groundbreaking vaginoplasty surgery he has scheduled with Catherine and Richard.
Episodes 2017

Season 13, Episode 24

4.3 436 x
Alex must make a hard decision in his relationship with Jo, while Meredith has some news for Riggs that brings their relationship to a turning point.

Season 13, Episode 23

3.0 117 x
The doctors of Grey Sloan encounter a difficult case involving a dangerous patient. Meanwhile, Owen receives life-changing news that pushes Amelia to step up to support him, and Alex attends a medical conference after making a shocking discovery.

Season 13, Episode 22

4.3 90 x
April and Andrew consult with a fiery patient who has a giant, inoperable heart tumour. Meanwhile, Alex and Eliza are at odds over the treatment of a young patient, and Stephanie and Ben make decisions that could affect their

Season 13, Episode 20

3.0 61 x
Season 13, Episode 20 of Grey's Anatomy was broadcast by Seven on Friday 5 May 2017 at 14:26.

Season 13, Episode 21

4.0 74 x
Bailey and April work to fix things between Richard and Catherine. Meanwhile, Eliza continues to pursue Arizona, and one of Alex's previous patients returns to Grey Sloan.

Season 13, Episode 20

4.0 65 x
Meredith and Nathan have to confront their feelings when they are are stuck sitting next to each other on a plane.

Season 13, Episode 19

3.5 67 x
Richard comes to grips with Bailey's betrayal over the Residency Program.

Season 13, Episode 18

3.0 51 x
When Maggie's mum's health deteriorates, the doctors are at odds over how to treat her.

Season 13, Episode 17

3.0 72 x
Diane Pierce returns to Grey Sloan, but Maggie is still in the dark as to why she's really there. Owen and Amelia hash out their problems as they work a trauma case together.