Jack Taylor


Episode 9 (Purgatory)

3.5 130 x
When stolen data from a software company leads to a death, Jack is hired to investigate the case and keep the data away from the company's competitor.

Episode 7 (Cross)

3.5 147 x
A young man is discovered to have died by crucifixion, and the victim's mother is unsatisfied with the progress of the investigation.

Episode 6 (Shot Down)

4.5 103 x
When 11-year-old traveller Rosie witnesses her mother's murder, she suppresses the memory. Jack attempts to unlock the secrets of Rosie's damaged mind.

Episode 4 (The Dramatist)

4.5 98 x
Still working to stay clean and sober, Jack suspects that two students' deaths are the calling card of a cunning serial killer.

Episode 5 (Priest)

4.0 102 x
Pushed to the brink by his own demons and the brutal slaying of a local priest, Jack drifts into a shadowy world of conspiracies, terror and murder.
Episodes 2017

Episode 3 (The Magdalen Martyrs)

4.0 135 x
While trying to track down a notoriously abusive nun, Jack stumbles into a murder plot and raises the ire of a powerful local thug.

Episode 2 (The Pikemen)

3.0 188 x
Jack's new sobriety is sorely tested when he gets entangled with the Pikemen, a group of old-school vigilantes, and finds himself suspected of murder.