Lethal Weapon


Episode 18 (Commencement)

4.4 231 x
Riggs makes an unsettling discovery about Miranda's death; and Murtaugh is torn between his partner and family.

Episode 17 (A Problem Like Maria)

3.6 226 x
Riggs, Murtaugh and Palmer gain inside knowledge of dangerous new cartel operations, but Riggs' attachment to Palmer worries Avery and Delgado. In other events, Trish contemplates a new career opportunity.

Episode 15 (As Good As It Getz)

3.0 218 x
Riggs and Murtaugh join forces with DEA Agent Karen Palmer to protect an attorney linked to the cartel. In other events, Riggs begins to view Palmer in a new light; and Murtaugh worries after Trish makes a spontaneous decision.

Episode 14 (The Murtaugh File)

4.0 124 x
Cahill is targeted by a murderous stalker; Riggs becomes obsessed with Murtaugh's past after finding his file in Cahill's office; and Roger and Trish discover that their daughter has a fake ID.

Episode 13 (The Seal is Broken)

3.0 126 x
While investigating a series of violent crimes connected to a church, Riggs faces a moral dilemma of his own when the one-year anniversary of Miranda's death sends him to a new low.

Ep 11 Lawmen

3.0 127 x
Riggs & Murtaugh go up against one of their own when the killing of a Texas Ranger leads them to possible corruption. The case is complicated by a dark secret from Avery's past.

Ep 12 Brotherly Love

3.0 127 x
Murtaugh experiences some frightening chest pains after he and Riggs become embroiled in a notorious car theft ring and the lead defence attorney is none other than Trish Murtaugh.

Ep 9 Jingle Bell Glock

4.0 108 x
The holiday season weighs heavily on Riggs, who flashes back to past Christmases with his late wife, Miranda.

Ep 10 Homebodies

3.0 94 x
After investigating the murder of a "designer drug" dealer, Riggs and Murtaugh find themselves in a violent turf war between a new generation of drug dealers and a Koreatown gang.

Ep 8 Can I Get a Witness?

4.0 135 x
When a casino heist takes a deadly turn, Riggs looks after the only credible witness, an eight-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Murtaugh pulls some dangerous stunts on a motorcycle.