Nowhere Boys

May 2019

Season 1, Episode 4

3.7 5 x
After the boys survive a freak storm, Felix believes dark magic is at work so he buys an amulet for protection. Andy is convinced the boys are in a state of unconsciousness.

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 0 x
Andy, Felix and Jake break into Bremin High searching for proof of themselves in the school records; Sam searches for his girlfriend Mia; and the Thing that stalked them makes a scary return...
April 2019

Season 1, Episode 2

4.0 1 x
The boys are shocked that their families and friends no longer recognise them. Andy believes it's because their families have experienced a collective amnesia, but he can't explain the other strange events.

Season 1, Episode 1

3.0 0 x
Four mismatched year ten students - Andy, Felix, Jake and Sam - are unwillingly grouped together for an orienteering exercise in the rugged Bremin Ranges, on the outskirts of their hometown.
November 2018

Season 2, Episode 5

4.3 59 x
With Saskia, their new water element, the boys do a spell to find Andy but it backfires landing Jake in serious trouble.

Season 2, Episode 4

4.3 14 x
After being beaten to Alice's Book of Shadows, Felix theorises that if they find another water element, they should regain their ability to use magic. So the boys go on the hunt for the new element.

Season 2, Episode 3

4.0 18 x
Pressure mounts on Felix, Jake and Sam as they are questioned by the police about Andy's disappearance. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to locate the Book of Shadows by making a connection to Alice.

Season 2, Episode 2

3.0 34 x
Felix, Jake and Sam race against time to get Andy back from the storm that took him - before anyone notices he's missing again.

Season 2, Episode 1

4.0 42 x
Felix, Andy, Jake and Sam have returned home, but still the universe seems out of balance. Felix is concerned that Alice has followed them back; and Andy hopes his new power will get Ellen to notice him.

Season 1, Episode 13

3.0 5 x
The demonic Bates and Oscar take Felix to the forest and construct the familiar spiral centrifuge signalling the arrival of a furious storm. Will Sam, Jake, Andy and Phoebe reach Felix in time?