Pine Gap

Pine Gap catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 6

4.5 127 x
In a race against China, A-Crew desperately scour the South China Sea for signs of the missing US pilot while the net closes in on the Pine Gap mole. (Final)

Season 1, Episode 5

4.0 41 x
As tensions in the South China Sea remain at breaking point, Gus and Jasmina's relationship stumbles and the US prepares to launch an airstrike on a Chinese-claimed island.

Season 1, Episode 4

3.0 33 x
Jasmina discovers a secret Australia will do anything to hide, while embarrassing audio is leaked of the American President that further damages the US and Australian relationship.

Season 1, Episode 3

4.0 30 x
Kath, Ethan and Rudi discover each of the malware suspects has ample motives, and the unpredictable US President orders a US warship to undertake a provocative voyage through the South China Sea.

Season 1, Episode 2

4.0 145 x
Following his demotion, Gus and Jasmina investigate who really shot down Flight BM-24 while Ethan and Kath narrow their malware suspects to somebody within A-Crew.

Season 1, Episode 1

4.0 58 x
In the secretive world of US/Australian Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, the A-Crew intelligence team is faced with a terrorist attack on a civilian plane and the stunning discovery that there is a mole in their midst.

Season 1, Episode 7

4.5 991 x
A team of talented Australian and American intelligence analysts work together to ensure global stability in one of the world's most important and secretive joint intelligence facilities - Pine Gap. (Movie-length Premiere)