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Season 15
It's the final ride for Sam and Dean; saving people and hunting things.
With everything on the line as the battle against God continues, a familiar face returns to join the fight.
With the plan in full motion, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack fight for the good of the common goal.
Dean hits the road with Jack, who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck; a difference of opinion leaves Sam and Castiel behind.
Sam and Dean are asked to investigate the murder of a childhood friend, perplexing them with a case they thought was solved a long time ago.
While Sam and Dean go off in search of Amara, Castiel and Jack work a case involving members of a local church.
Down in the bunker, Sam and Dean discover a wood nymph who is determined to protect her family no matter the cost.
A search for the one thing that may give the Winchesters an edge against God leads Sam and Dean to Jo's door and to a secret that may have died with Ruby.
Sam and Dean respond to a frantic call and assist in an extraordinary and heartbreaking rescue. Later, Billie surprises everyone with a visit to the bunker.
Sam and Dean press their luck in a winner-takes-all game of pool. Meanwhile, Castiel hunts down a would-be murderer, but not for reasons one might think.
Sam and Dean hit the road to help an old friend, but it appears that their luck may have finally run out and they are the ones who may be in need of rescue.
While Sam and Eileen face the brutal truth, Dean and Castiel work together to get a step ahead of Chuck.
Sam, Dean and Castiel's continued search for a way to defeat Chuck leads them to unexpected places and toward unlikely allies.
Dean goes off on his own to take on a case. Meanwhile, Castiel has an idea of how he can help Sam track down God.
Sam and Dean receive a visit from an old friend, while Castiel investigates a local teenager's disappearance.
What initially seems a routine case turns out to be anything but, when Sam and Dean investigate a series of five deaths in Colorado.
Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of another.
Sam, Dean, and Rowena work tirelessly to keep all of hell from breaking loose. Meanwhile, Castiel cannot forgive an arrogant betrayal.
Sam, Dean, and Castiel call on Rowena to help keep the evil souls at bay, and get an unexpected assist from Ketch.
Sam, Dean and Castiel are left to defend the world after all the souls in Hell have been released and are now back on Earth and free to kill again.