The Bureau Of Magical Things

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 20

4.0 112 x
As the Purple Lotus drains all magic, revealing the existence of the magical world to humans, Kyra and the Bureau risk everything to destroy the Lotus and prevent the end of elves and fairies.

Season 2, Episode 19

4.0 35 x
Kyra's attempt to get Orb Magic back from the Purple Lotus fails, so she and the Bureau travel back in time and stick to the original plan that is to prevent the Lotus from draining all magic.

Season 2, Episode 18

3.8 94 x
As the Purple Lotus begins to disrupt fairy and elf magic everywhere, Kyra makes an astonishing discovery about her Triling heritage.

Season 2, Episode 17

4.7 61 x
Maxwell and the two Keys are kidnapped! Kyra retrieves the Third Key from the Bangkok warehouse, but it jumpsher to the Temple of the Purple Lotus where her Orb Magic is drained.

Season 2, Episode 16

4.0 88 x
Imogen becomes suspicious that Apinya is not who she claims to be. While trying to get her stepfather to accept Darra as her boyfriend, Kyra makes an extraordinary discovery about her birth father.

Season 2, Episode 15

4.0 121 x
Lily insists on helping Mathilda with Kyra's surprise birthday party, causing chaos. A magical object forces Kyra to use Orb Magic, which gives her a vision with the whereabouts of the Third Key.

Season 2, Episode 14

3.0 64 x
Maxwell and Kyra turn to Apinya for help to understand Kyras's connection to the Keys. To improve her chances of selection for the Magical Intervention, Imogen attempts to acquire a fairy ability.

Season 2, Episode 13

4.8 84 x
On Magic School Sports Day, the rivalry between Maxwell's School and the Crowther School is thrown into chaos when Kyra becomes the unwitting centre of a magical disruption.

Season 2, Episode 12

3.0 79 x
While Lily and Ben are on their first date, Kyra and the Bureau attempt to capture a magical bug whose bite causes the victim to tell the truth. Peter and Ruksy get back together.

Season 2, Episode 11

4.0 138 x
Maxwell is suspended from teaching and Apinya, a magical archaeologist, takes over the school. To fix Ladder, Lily, Ruksy, Peter and Imogen venture into the fairy tale book to secure enchanted wood.