The Coroner


10. Crash

4.0 36 x
Jane is reconnected with an old school friend when she tries to find out who left a teenage girl to die after a car crash.

9. Pieces Of Eight

4.0 23 x
Lighthaven's Pirate Festival provides the perfect cover for a robbery, leaving Davey giving chase while Jane tries to discover why a faceless man has washed up on the beach.

8. The Foxby Affair

3.0 12 x
To explain the sudden death of a reclusive woman at a remote address near Lighthaven, Jane must first solve the mysterious disappearance of a notorious, aristocratic playboy from decades before.

7. Perfect Pair

4.0 18 x
The mystery of why a window cleaner is found dead next to a sports car he doesn't own leaves Jane with questions for a property entrepreneur she suspects is hiding something.

6. Life

3.0 19 x
A death in custody brings Jane into prison and face to face with notorious child killer Sidney Sutton.

5. The Captain's Pipe

4.0 13 x
When Mick's rival landlord is found dead on the beach, Jane is forced to try to clear his name before he is charged with murder.

4. The Beast Of Lighthaven

3.0 21 x
When a local journalist tries to convince the people of Lighthaven that there is a big cat on the moors, nobody believes him, until the discovery of his mauled body.

3. Those In Peril

4.0 25 x
After a hoax callout, a volunteer in the Lighthaven lifeboat crew drowns. Jane suspects foul play, but Davey is sceptical - until other volunteers start to be targeted.

2. Perfectly Formed

3.0 42 x
When building work at an abandoned cottage unearths a child's hidden remains, Jane uncovers other well-kept family secrets.

1. The Drop Zone

4.0 27 x
Jane's fear of heights is put to the test when she and Davey investigate a skydiving accident and discover that someone has tampered with the parachute.