Under Investigation

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Season 6
The shooting of Kumanjayi Walker by former NT police officer Zachary Rolfe in 2019 sparked one of the most contentious and racially-charged criminal sagas in Australian history.
Supposedly safe in witness protection, Andrew Petrelis, the star witness in a $40 million dollar drug importation is found dead. His death is deemed a tragic drug overdose.
China's authoritarian government is quietly developing AI designed to control its citizens. Liz Hayes and her team investigate just how far China's silent invasion will go.
Former WA cop Adrian Moore exploited his authority and the trust vested in police to manipulate, rape, and abuse thirteen women over a decade before being convicted in 2022.
The disappearance of Ballarat woman Samantha Murphy has horrified Australia. Liz Hayes and her team of experts take Under Investigation to the frontline of this baffling mystery.
Sandrine Jourdan was a mother of three living in the small town of Caboolture until she mysteriously vanished in 2012. Liz Hayes and her team of experts raise serious doubts.
When 12-year-old Queensland girl was brutally killed, her sister's boyfriend Graham Stafford was almost immediately convicted. Liz Hayes and her team of experts examine.
While searching for a snake in her garage, a devoted mother is fatally shot in the back by her husband. Liz and her team of experts examine the events surrounding that night.
Season 5
Liz Hayes and her panel of experts assemble top-secret documents to expose what really happened to the Balibo Five, a team of Australian journalists executed in East Timor.
Liz Hayes and her team of investigators probe the mystery gripping Australia and the world. Three dead, another clinging to life, after a mushroom lunch in small-town Victoria.
Richard Dorrough, ex-navy sailor, took his own life in 2014. He left behind a shocking note claiming to have murdered three people, but no details to identify the victims.
One of Australia's most senior officers was killed in his driveway in a suspected professional hit. Investigators jailed and then freed another man. Who killed Colin Winchester?
Four young police officers sent to a rural property are ambushed by violent extremists. They faced the siege at Wieambilla - the point when conspiracy became violence.
He was brave enough to stand up to the mafia in a country town. But Don Mackay paid the ultimate price. His enemies weren't just mafia, he was also facing a political insider.
Australia's most baffling maritime mystery, the 1988 disappearance of the Patanela just 10 miles off the coast of Sydney. What really happened to the Patanela?
One of the world's most unforgivable legal scandals. How South Australia's Chief Forensic Officer operated for decades with barely a qualification, providing false evidence.
Australia's first celebrity chef, star of radio and television Willi Koeppen, runs one of the country's most successful restaurants before he vanishes without a trace in 1976.
Ray and Jennie Kehlet set off for a prospecting trip to the WA outback in March 2015. Their adventure turned into a tragedy, with Ray killed and Jennie still missing.
Season 4
After government inspectors found a slug in a Melbourne catering company's factory, a public health warning erupted into a bitter brawl between a David and a Goliath.
Uncover the terrifying abuse faced by young, vulnerable women at the hands of the Esther Foundation, a Perth cult once backed by some of the most powerful leaders in the country.