Under InvestigationSeason 6, Episode 10 - Death of a Model

  • Season 6Episode 10

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Under Investigation

Under Investigation is a TV show on Channel 9. Under Investigation, which is also known as Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, is an Australian investigative series aiming to provide its viewers with clarity about some of the country's most baffling crimes. With the help of a panel of experts, each episode features the investigation of a new case under investigation as it's recreated with laser projectors inside Hayes's studio. From calculated crimes and unexplained disappearances to unsolved cases, the investigations cover a wide range of contexts. Under Investigation has been described on several occasions as a new genre of TV, as it's not the classic “come and watch people sit around the table” format, but a crime investigation program that will take a single story and invite the audience right inside it. Each episode sees the group of experts apply their collective experience to an unsolved mystery, a divisive or complex social issue or a topical news event. The popular program has been available since 2023. A total of 12 episodes have been broadcast, most recently in June 2024.