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S1 Ep5 - Tokyo Retro Fomo 25:51

S1 Ep5 - Tokyo Retro Fomo

4.0 0 x
Tokyo Retro Fomo - Keen to further explore the hipsters’ love of things of the past, Sam travels to Tokyo. Sam meets some key players in Tokyo’s vintage underground and discovers that in Japan, hipness is not about borrowing the best bits of past subcultures - it’s defined by all-out comm...
S1 Ep4 - The Future's Behind Us 22:30

S1 Ep4 - The Future's Behind Us

4.5 0 x
The Future’s Behind Us - Beer labels, café menus, pickle jars… most products targeting hipsters look like they were hand crafted by rural artisans deep in a mountain commune. Keen to understand the reasons behind the prevalence of rustic, oldworld branding in the hipster world, Sam seeks ...
S1 Ep3 - Here Come The Hipsterpreneurs 23:29

S1 Ep3 - Here Come The Hipsterpreneurs

4.3 5 x
Here Come The Hipsterpreneurs - Selling everything from bespoke burritos to artisanal soap, businesses operated by and for hipsters are now everywhere - and they’re often owned by smart, young “hipsterpreneurs”. Sam wants to discover if this term means “savvy exploiter of trends" or “cool...
S1 Ep2 - Fix Me A Snack 22:39

S1 Ep2 - Fix Me A Snack

3.8 1 x
Fix Me A Snack - Samuel Johnson pedals deep into the hipster world with an investigation of their ride of choice - the now ubiquitous fixed gear bike. What’s the appeal of a bike with no gears or brakes? Sam will need nerves (and thighs) of steel to find out. Sam tries to catch his breath...
S1 Ep1 - What Is A Hipster? 23:37

S1 Ep1 - What Is A Hipster?

3.0 7 x
What is a Hipster? - How did fixed gear bikes, artisanal cheese, craft beer and long beards evolve from being niche trends to clichés and commodities? The charming but not particularly hip Samuel Johnson digs into the past to find the origins of the cultural stereotype. Acknowledging that...
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